Shrinking & Suffering

Shrinking & Suffering

trumpbudgethitsafricaIf there’s anything at all good in Trump’s “skinny” budget it’s that Americans might start paying attention to the sweeping power of their government. The draconian cuts will indeed effect each and every American but the budget will also lay waste much of the rest of the world.

That’s quite uncomfortable to most Americans who either don’t know or don’t care how they effect the rest of the world. A Kenyan analysis shows how the Trump budget will devastate the continent, exponentially increase suffering and death and likely lead to war. Kenyan analysis shows that the Trump budget will lay waste the continent, exponentially increase suffering and death and likely lead to war.

Even if you believe that not a penny in American taxes should be used to aid those less fortunate in the world, the simple churning of American capitalism has immediate, significant effects on everything everywhere on the globe. From African agricultural production to research on vaccines for malaria, Kenya is expecting the worse.

This is because the American market is so enormous. It doesn’t even have to specifically deal with Kenya: when Sears closes it effects Kenya.

So even setting aside foreign aid for a moment, Trump isolationism that concentrates on shoring up internal markets to make them more homogeneous and immune to outside (foreign) influences unequivocally will contract much of the rest of the world.

In Kenya the nascent textile industry that just started expanding in the last several years is likely to immediately collapse as Trump either rescinds or scales down existing trade agreements. Venture capital to Kenyan entrepreneurs will likely end completely as contacts between Americans and Kenyans are restricted. Kenyan analysts believe the Kenyan economy could contract by 5-7% annually if its 60,000 illegal immigrants in the U.S. stop remitting funds, either because of being deported or fear of being deported.

Combined with cuts in foreign and humanitarian aid, Kenya is likely to be slammed hard.

Americans complain constantly about foreign aid, but consider the Dadaab refugee camp, the largest refugee camp in the world (more than 1 million inhabitants) run by the UN. The size of this behemoth is directly the result of Obama’s military involvement in Africa.

Obama created, outfitted and sustained the Kenyan military to oust al-Shabaab from its neighbor, Somalia, in order to make America safer. The goal was achieved, at great cost to the Kenyans who suffered several years of terrorist retribution by Shabaab.

One result was the unbelievably massive refugee camp on Kenya’s border with Somalia. Trump’s budget will slash funds for this camp which Americans created and now seem want to abandon!

The Kenyan analyst pointed out that announced reductions in Dadaab support have already led to reduced food rations there to hundreds of thousands of people.

The Somali travesty gets even more bitterly ironic. Obama created the Kenyan military in 2010 to much local dissent in Kenya. It was finally accepted and naturally only because the U.S. paid for it. Now, Trump wants the Kenyans to pay for it!

The immorality of this is mind-boggling.

The net result of this “skinny” budget is murderous to much of the world like Kenya. Everyone understands this is only a guide. But even if Congress throws it away, it reflects the character of America today, the whims and whispers of its daemonic chief of state.