On Safari: Off to Nairobi

On Safari: Off to Nairobi

Photo by EWT client Ann Hendrickson
Photo by EWT client Ann Hendrickson
As I head to Nairobi here are some last-minute news bits about safaris in East Africa.

First, the Kenyan tourism sector is collapsing because of the bad publicity of last month. Several British tour companies evacuated guests from the Kenyan coast only a day before a large bomb went off in Nairobi.

And just this week, a moderate Muslim leader was assassinated in Mombasa.

As a result the Tanzanian circuit is chock-a-block full. We were even having difficult booking space for February, 2016! Yes, I didn’t say 2015, but 2016.

Upmarket properties, which are usually much smaller than the larger tourist lodges, are being deluged with requests.

Second, global warming is really effecting the circuit. The great wildebeest migration normally stays in Tanzania’s Serengeti until the middle to end of June. This year it the first of the great herds crossed into Kenya the end of May, three to four weeks early.

The reason is that the rains are good in the north, spurning the herds onwards. I also remember there were many early births this year, for the same reason, and that could also move the cycle forward.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful trip with a wonderful family from Boston. (Well, actually, the grandparents are from Boston. As with many families today, the children and grandchildren are scattered hither and yon!)

I’ll be trying to post blogs of our safaris as often as I can.

Stay tuned!