The long Christmas holiday in America starts soon and goes right through next week because of the day-of-the-week that Christmas lands. It’s one of the biggest end-of-the-year travel periods in decades because of this as well.

But somehow it doesn’t feel like a holiday this year. People are still spending like crazy in an economy that to me is all smoke and mirrors, but all over the world dissatisfaction with their lives is only growing. You know the list. America’s on top.

I know a number of Africans follow American media more than I do. There are multiple sites accessed by VPNs from Africa which circumvent censors while accessing live feeds from almost all American networks.

So I know that others than me watched the Trump impeachment. Sorry to walk into the double-speak Republican death trap, but it was a sober day and set the tone for a Christmas that our government begins this weekend.

The soberness grew deep and aggravating when followed by the Trump pep rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, where among his other expected travesties of human decency he trashed a widow of a legendary Congressman implying that the heroic Democrat had gone to hell.

The dark cloud over us all is the cloud of evil. We don’t seem to be able to pierce it. The stock market, the sales, the giddiness of capitalism is the viscosity smothering us from a breath of fresh air.

And it has clearly divided everything in the world between good and itself. Compromise? How do you compromise this?