Woke Makes Weak

Woke Makes Weak

Might makes Right.
How about adding, Woke makes Weak.

My wife’s sisters were born in South Africa and my wife was born in Canada because of World War II. Now stretch that out to my own life in Africa. Then let it snap back to the instant. My African spirits whisper, “World War III.”

My father-in-law was assigned to develop the South African market for the Canadian pharmaceutical, Wyeth Drugs. It was supposed to be a two-year assignment when he sailed with his new wife in 1939 to Durban. There was great hope in the West that World War II had been avoided by the nimble diplomacy of Neville Chamberlain.

The boat never returned. Britain declared war on September 9. The normally rough and windy seas of The Cape were no match for war waves. A two-year assignment grew into seven. A beautiful set of twins were born outside a warm, lush garden in a lovely, safe spot on the globe. When the family sailed home my mother-in-law was pregnant again. Kathleen was born in Windsor, Canada.

There’s the slightest bit of optimism today regarding the war in Ukraine. Wednesday, I travel to Paris. My wife will join me from Ireland where today she’s looking down on the grave of her grandfather in Abbyfeale, County Limerick. We’ll celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in the place where we met. We’re throwing in everything we can during this puddle of peace in the war. Will we come home?

Technology has evolved so much faster in the Human Race than culture. The notion that “Something is Right” significantly insures human survival is grossly exaggerated as evidenced by the current war.

American obsession with itself as champion of freedom and human rights is equally vacuous. Just start with the endless saga of January 6th to reveal the stupendous hyperbole of our elected representatives. And they were all given their power by morally deficient electorates.

The hypocrisy of America’s stated values during my life time sails down the stairs like an unrolling list from heaven’s court of pointless wars and maverick adventures. We enforce these myths by imprisoning more of our citizens than any other society on earth: We are a poor example of freedom and liberty.

Europe is better. But Europe is threatened by wokeness. America may be a despicable playground bully but it’s likely to survive because of its Might; Europe is likely to be buried under its Woke.

What a sad cauldron for boiling up a future. But war clears the sinuses. I’ll talk to you again after returning from Paris. ikiwa hatima inaruhusu