Welcome All

Welcome All

LaxairporThe new Trump Travel ban is not as sweeping or as legally flawed as his previous, but it does nothing to increase security. Yet it has two major impacts impulsive Trump acting on his own was unable to accomplish:

Stops many refugees from entering America. Throws red meat to a deplorable base of supporters.

Potential foreign terrorists have been successfully weeded from entry to the U.S. for more than a decade. All our terrorism in the last 15 years has been home-grown. This ban provides no more security; in fact, its incendiary tone is a dare-you, a reason we should expect less security.

The masters pulling Trump’s strings have fashioned an exquisitely evil document that is too long to tweet.

Citizens of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen are barred from entering the U.S. These are mostly Muslim (North Korean the exception) and mostly embroiled in their own civil wars (North Korean and Iran the exceptions). The exceptions are antagonists that Trump often blasts at his despicable pep rallies as America’s principal enemies, and as examples of evil places that have been empowered by his weak predecessors.

So the Masters of Trump manage to make a powerful three-fold statement:

Keep out Muslims. Keep out people who are fighting one another. And keep out the guys I call enemies.

Some of that is probably illegal and will be challenged. But this time the statement is more likely to survive.

It will survive court challenges because there are more country-specific exceptions, an evidenced history of fact-finding (regardless that it is hard to associate any conclusions of that finding with the facts), and studied language and procedure. For example, countries were given 50 days to comply with new rules that could have kept them off the list, and existing visas will not be revoked.

It will survive the mendacious obsessions of the alt-right because the targeted countries are mostly the same he named the first time around. It will rouse the rebels with frequent words like “harm” and “terrorism” liberally spicing the orders, which is ultimately why Trump the person supports it.

Above all Anti-Muslimism is preserved. In Africa this is particularly harsh. Somalia is doing everything it can to stay together. There are a number of important American Somalis moving back and forth all the time, including a Minneapolis resident who recently ran for Somalia’s vice presidency.

All this is now cut off. One of the reasons this policy is likely to survive a court challenge is because it allows for waivers.

The State Department is already protesting that the ban will not interrupt Somali’s development, because of the waivers available. Don’t hold your breath. Just like the Republicans bashed up last ditch effort to kill the ACA allowed for waivers, when created as a buttress for evil doing waivers are never granted. They’re ploys for those in power to make sure the bedrock policy won’t crack.

Chad is a curious addition. Chad is a hotbed of all mixtures of insurgency, including Muslim but hardly limited to that. It’s a rich resource land that seems constantly in war. Obama’s soldiers chased all the remaining bigwig Horn terrorists there, but crazies like the possibly still alive head of the Lord’s Resistance Army also find sanctuary there.

Sudan is a curious removal. The genocide is starting again in Darfur. The war in South Sudan is fueled in part by the North. The president can’t travel because he’s under international indictment for wars against humanity. There are almost as many refugees coming out of South Sudan through Sudan as from Syria.

So without any clear understanding as to why these two countries got in and out, one has to conclude it’s all for show. Sometimes the show doesn’t make much sense, but in a court it may appear as something newly discovered or understood, evidence of careful procedure.

How long must this go on.