Wars Woke

Wars Woke

I love Biden but boy do I wish Bernie were President. So do progressives throughout Africa and much of the rest of the world, including … Canada.

“The American polity is cracked, and might collapse. … some experts believe it could descend into civil war. What should Canada do then?” This is not social media garbage; it’s the editorial board of Canada’s biggest newspaper.

Canada is worried. Kenya is not and South Africa, in fact, is taunting America.

The president of South Africa, arguably Africa’s most dynamic democracy, intentionally scheduled meetings that weren’t on his schedule after being invited to President Biden’s Democracy Summit, so that he could decline with a teaspoon of politeness.

“ ‘America, a country that has always supported human rights.’ Really?” one reporter said President Ramaphosa told an aid before declining Biden’s invitation.

Countries in Africa are less dependent upon the United States than Canada. The editorial in the Globe and Mail over the weekend revealed Canadian’s real trepidation with what’s happening in America.

But Africa is far enough away historically, politically and even economically that survival without America strikes them as quite possible. Canadians? Not so much.

Barbara Walter’s book, “How Civil Wars Start” is an excellent primer for how most of the world feels is where America is right now.

Walter claims that throughout history the best two indicators of an imminent civil war are “anocracy” and ethnic/religious polarization.

Anocracy is an intentionally disguised word for “partial democracy.” It’s used by alarmists, paranoids and those who are totally right but fear reprisals from their adversaries. It’s what Walter uses.

Using real metrics like voter turnout and demographic balances, South Africa and Kenya are much more democratic than America. Their overall democracies may be threatened just as much as America’s, but the mechanics of democracy – elections – are far better and fairer in those countries.

There are no rampaging efforts to restrict voting in African democracies as we know exist today in America. If as I believe free and fair elections is the bulwark of democracy, America’s survival is much less secure than many of the democracies of Africa.

Let’s see what happens on the Anniversary of January 6th. Let’s see what happens in the midterms. Let’s see what happens with the regulation of social media, the foundation of modern revolution.

Americans are so prideful and selfish that they rarely care what the rest of the world thinks about them. Wrong attitude for a brighter future.