OnSafari: Kingdom of Color

OnSafari: Kingdom of Color

As I continue my journey through Cape’s paradise of Springtime, it becomes increasingly difficult to write instead of just show you pictures!

And I’m no photographer. Nothing but my old Android phone that’s now my “African phone.” Poorly focused, no sensitivity to settings, I just click away, endlessly.

For eight hours and about 150 miles weaving through farm country west of Piketberg to Lambert’s Bay and back to Clanwilliam I finally felt overwhelmed. Wild flowers are special and unique everywhere in the world. The delicate columbine of my back woods at home, the spherical asters of the high African mountains and the imposing Leper Toes of Congo’s deepest jungle are all memorable and fascinating. But nowhere I’ve been or heard about has the profusion that I’ve seen these last few days.

The Cape is the smallest of the seven floral kingdoms of the world, and I dare say the boldest and most robust. Featuring its unique fynbos, which is hard to describe as pretty and generally has no flowers, hardly less unique is what I’ve just seen. The special ecology that gives rise to the fynbos (which you probably know as Rooibos or Red Bush Tea) also creates this spectacle of endless color.

I’ll have to wait until next year, when I guide a trip to this area with an expert, to get into the scientific nitty gritty, but let it wait! Just feast your senses on these endless fields!

(For several albums of photos, see AfricaAnswerman on Facebook.)