OnSafari: Indian Ocean

OnSafari: Indian Ocean

MauritiusJim is heading out on safari for a very long time! Keep up-to-date with his posts which should begin the end of this week.

He’s guiding people to a wide range of Africa this time. Here are some of the highlights:

Rodrigues atoll: a tiny island in the Mascarenes, truly a Robinson Crusoe island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius and Reunion, the two other main islands in the Mascarenes.

Madagascar, where 85% of every living thing is endemic.

The Seychelles, the playbeach of the rich and famous.

Central Tanzania, known as Sand Rivers. The remote game parks of Ruaha and the wonderland of The Selous. Also : Zanzibar.

Zambia’s best wilderness, the great South Luangwa National Park.

Some of the places he’ll be traveling to are very remote: wifi will be difficult, so be patient as his blogs will be intermittent.