OnSafari: Flowers

OnSafari: Flowers

We enjoyed our final breakfast today at Gibb’s Farm in the highlands surrounded by tons of flowers.

Climate change has really impacted East Africa seriously. Tanzania’s once long rainy season (Dec-May) has now been broken into two, as it has always been in Kenya and we are experiencing the effects of an entire month (mid-Feb to mid-Mar) without rain.

A benefit is the explosion of flowers. The heavy rains of December and January provided plenty of water, and as with most plants, the least indication of drought or other stress accelerates blooming. That’s what’s now happening and Gibb’s is like a giant floral basket.

What I’m worried about, though, is the heat. With no rain, the heat has become record-breaking. In Samburu we arrived at camp to 102.5F and we now head to Tarangire which was always the hottest spot on the northern circuit.

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know just how hot it is!