More Holiday Than Ever

More Holiday Than Ever

MLKDay14Today is one of the most important benchmarks in the American calendar, the Martin Luther King federal holiday. It’s even more important than ever because of the current controversy between Trump and the civil rights icon, John Lewis.

John Lewis is the undisputed grandpa of civil rights. Last week he said that he didn’t consider Trump a legitimate president.

Recently Congress and then separately, the Democratic caucus in Congress received special classified briefings we are not privy to. Many are giving Lewis the benefit of the doubt that his statement reflects that.

But on the surface it looks like Lewis is playing the same low ball game that Trump plays, and Trump reacted to Lewis with a series of juvenille tweets and ultimately said he would cancel his planned appearance today at the new African American Museum in Washington, because of what Lewis said.

It’s understandable that minorities and their heroes like Lewis take special offense of Trump, but what all of us in opposition should realize is that it is not Trump-the Man who should give us concern. It’s Trump-the Movement. Had yellow-haired, foul-speaking Trump not run for president, someone else equally radical would have. And would have won.

Today we celebrate everything that Trump and the alt-right controlled Congress wish to undo. A year ago that seemed impossible. But a strange year has passed and nothing, any longer, seems impossible.