Trump apparently can make about a third of America believe any falsehood he imagines and do anything he asks up to sacrificing their farm for his pockets. But Trump cannot tell Mother Nature how to act.

A pitiful world conference begins today in Madrid on climate change. It doesn’t matter if there are paper ballots in Georgia or not for the future’s elections there, if there’s no soil or water. Africans find a wry twist to all of this: the greedy power-brokers are suicidal.

Without the US, China or Brazil completely committed, COP25 is a joke.

“As young people take to the streets around the world again on Friday,” published South Africa’s BusinessDay today, “urging more action to curb climate change, analysts warn that the UN climate conference taking place over the coming two weeks will likely fall short of their expectations.”

A bit of an understatement.

You must understand that Africans, and other educated and intellectual persons throughout the developing world, see an ironic future when the great countries of the world ignore climate change.

They have spent almost their entire histories suffering … and getting through it. I fully expect as the world burns itself out they will be the last men standing.

If before the final piece of timber flares out or the last gulp of oxygen is taken enough technology transfer gets to Africa and similar developing lands, there could be hope for our species.

Africans have suffered and prevailed and are now absolutely developing in some cases as fast or faster than the developed world.

It’s the Trumpian worlds that face the greatest suffering as the horizon closes. Deniers are capable of the most incredible misery. It’s the American way after all: live free or die where “free” means “ignorant.”

A solution if it exists won’t come from societies led by Homo trumpianus and their hoards of blind followers with no interest in their children’s futures. It takes a real gut understanding of what “future” means and what “society” means.

I can just imagine that rebel in his wrecked pick-up watching the end of the world with something akin to glee. Destruction is his greatest skill.