Celebration & Sanity!

Celebration & Sanity!

The Kenyans dispelled all myths yesterday that they were incapable of stable government. The national referendum for a new constitution passed resoundingly more than 2 to 1.

Although implementation will be arduous, and the time available before the next election poses something of a challenge, it is clear that Kenyans across all spectrums of society want to put the 2007 violence behind them.

The coalition government which has operated so successfully after the Kofi Annan agreement in March, 2008, had unanimously supported the new constitution. Only a handful of renegade politicians, others who will ultimately be prosecuted for the 2007 violence, and church leaders myopically obsessed with tiny provisions regarding abortion campaigned for the “NO” vote.

They lost decisively and resoundingly.

Congratulations, Kenya!