Spiritual Politics

Spiritual Politics

What can cut through the parallel universes that currently divide us? The spirit. This very African notion can save us.

Western religion tried with a good measure of success to snuff out the traditional spirits but they prevail: In many parts of Africa the spirit is ancestors. Elsewhere it’s totems like big trees or powerful water falls, sometimes even big animals. The commonality of these multiple incantations is the power that lingers after the earthly thing that it came from disappears. Spirit transcends physics.

Similar to karma, spirit isn’t always manifest by good events. In fact initially it may appear as a result of really dreadful things. The point of karma, spirit, is that ultimately it manifests human destiny, and if you contribute to the goodness of human destiny, goodness will prevail.

Until recently I thought the indefatigable human spirit would manifest from Covid. Now disease is not spirit; it is defeated by the spirit. In this particular case it seemed like a slam dunk for spirit: Those human beings who have been neglected, like most of the non-white races, lack the social defenses that the white race built for itself and probably by now the biological defenses evolution creates of the best survivors.

So like many spiritual tales in human history, the suffering suffer more under Covid. Many like me believe that the spirit manifests when suffering becomes obvious and then all the competing forces of humankind mobilize to end it.

That started to happen in many places including some of America’s greatest adversaries like China, but also in many of America’s greatest allies like South Korea and New Zealand.

But America bailed. The evil is too great here. Much of the rest of the world now struggles against our negligence.

If Covid had manifest the human spirit people like Larry Kudlow last night would not have talked about it in the past tense.

The First Lady would not have received applause for saying her husband has and continues to work tirelessly to end this plague, when the number of deaths at least yet hasn’t been lied about.

The human spirit is trying to prevail but can’t when a third or more of America believes the virus is controlled enough that they personally face no threat and neither do all those less fortunate among them.

So either we’re going down, America, as the sacrificial lamb for Covid to help the rest of humankind, or the spirit will have to manifest in other ways.

I live near where that horrible derecho occurred 16 days ago. Wind speeds greater than most hurricanes serious damaged about a third of Iowa’s farm fields. Personally we were spared, but all of us in the area have close friends and acquaintances still living in broken houses, some two weeks later several hundred still without electricity.

If the human spirit had been manifest by the derecho, the Governor of Iowa wouldn’t have told the Republican Convention last night that President Trump has come to their rescue.

Governor Reynolds asked Trump for $3.9 billion. By the time she taped her speech Trump had released only $45 million.

Two weeks after the storm, 26 of Iowa’s 28 counties effected haven’t yet received a dime. But the Governor, and I guess by the polls a lot of Iowans, think the President has saved them.

So the spirit was not manifest by the derecho, either. It tried.

How about caged babies? That pretty spiritual? The human spirit should have erupted again and again like Old Faithful until there were apologies and remedies that it will never happen again, no? Didn’t work.

A third or more of America believes diverse, eligible law-abiding immigrants are being welcomed into our country. All five of them.

“There are literally tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people eligible and waiting for their own naturalization ceremonies and they are being prevented from having them because the Trump administrator refuses to zoom into those ceremonies,” reports immigration expert, Jacob Soboroff.

What about throwing open the prison gates for mobsters: Flynn, Arpaio, Blagojevich, Libby, and two dozen more. (One non-mob boss: Susan B. Anthony).

Jerry Falwell didn’t speak last night but Billy Graham’s granddaughter said Trump was a “fierce advocate of faith.” Faith in what? Adultery? Group and voyeurism sex, prostitution and human sex trafficking?

There have been many, many defeats of the human spirit trying so hard to manifest itself recently. I believe in it.