The African country that most emulates the west is South Africa. See Baby walk. See Baby run. See Baby kill.

South Africa has long been an arms warehouse, and many believe it already possesses nuclear weapons technology. Its guerilla attack rifle, the NTW-20 is probably one of the most sought after insurgent weapons in the world.

Now with South Africa’s growing transparency, dark closets are being opened.

It seems the country is selling weapons to Syria, Burma, Libya, Venezuela and North Korea.

Trying to electrify the dark closet, Democratic Alliance MP David Maynier asked the country’s National Assembly, Wednesday, to debate the issue, and directly confronted the country’s Minister of Justice to reply to allegations that the “Axis of Evil” countries were being supplied with weapons. He pointed out that in some cases, this would be in violation of UN sanctions.

The South African government refused.

It’s a very touchy issue locally. Maynier is the Shadow Alliance’s Minister of Defense, a former South African “navy seal” who commanded submarines in the Angolan war. He’s no angel.

But he knows what he’s talking about. Supporters of the South African government will contend he’s just playing politics, and that were he in power, the government would likely be selling to the devil.

Either way, it’s unfortunate that the African countries we most praise and which seem to be doing best in that economically black continent are doing so at least in part by spreading death and destruction.

Note any similarities to Big Brother?