On Safari: Homeward Bound

On Safari: Homeward Bound

There’s no easy way to get home. You just have to grunt and bear it!

But before leaving Debbie enjoyed a final view out our dining area deck over Muhabura to the volcano Gahinga that she and the others had conquered the day before!

The electricity of having completed the trek and been so close to these magnificent animals slowly recedes as the journey home begins. But actually, I think this is a way of fixing the memory in good ways. You start to think about what you’ve done, about the poverty all about you, about your contribution in fees to hoped for local development.

You drive through cities that look fine, but with people who don’t. You remember all you’ve read about the long history of mountain gorillas, saved from the brink of extinction and yet teetering in an ecosystem hardly politically stable.

It might just take 36 hours of flying and reflection to start to know exactly what you think about it all.