Oil Highway

Oil Highway

The Chinese are building a modern road through Samburu.

The road from Mt. Kenya into the Northern Frontier is being transformed by the Chinese. The Chinese have been prospecting for oil in northern Kenya and rumors have been flying that they’ve hit liquid gold.

For twenty years I’ve suffered this horrible drive from Nanyuki to Samburu. Now it’s being paved. There are dozens of big red Chinese trucks, huge road working equipment, hundreds of Kenyan workers and dozens of Chinese managers in oriental straw hats, creating a modern road through the desert.

For right now it’s pretty bad, as all that exists for travel are the cut tracks at either side of the creation in progress. This means slow going, tons of powder dust and games of chicken with oncoming trucks.

The Kenyan military is out in force, too, presumably to protect the road workers.

Eventually, though, this will link Mt. Kenya with Samburu in modern quick ways. The journey here will become so much easier!