Kenya ‘Gets it’ too

Kenya ‘Gets it’ too

Nairobi demonstrators aroused by al-Faisal.
The Times Square Bomber says his radical Muslim cleric “gets it.” So does Kenya.

NPR reported this morning that Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square bomber, attributed his radicalization to Abdullah Al-Faisal, a convicted felon in the UK who Kenya recently deported to Jamaica.

I wrote earlier about the Al-Faisal controversy in Kenya and how Kenya stood alone among dozens of African countries by arresting then deporting Al-Faisal, who had fled into Africa to preach radical jihad.

Apparently, Al-Faisal made the gross mistake of trying to sneak into Kenya (the only easy way to get to Somalia, his obvious destination). A score of other African countries through which Al-Faisal passed did nothing, despite warrants for the man’s arrest and requests by Interpol to question him.

In fact he had become something of a celebrity in South Africa, where he was received widespread public attention and even some support from the South African government.

But the moment al-Faisal stepped into Kenya, he was arrested.

Today the leaked investigative report that NPR aired shows not just the power of internet clerics, but the obvious side of the so-called War on Terror embraced by Kenya.