iTravel Where?

iTravel Where?

iNeck Brace for Long iFlites
Last week Apple Computers filed a patent for a travel app called iTravel.


That’s something I’ve always wanted to know. I seem to be traveling so much these days if someone could just give me a device or an app for my other devices so that the first device knows where I misplaced the second device, and when it needs an update, then clearly I wouldn’t suffer jetlag so much.

Though I do see a problem with Apple’s strategy.

The app could book airlines, hotels and cars, and would be an extension of iTunes “Concert Ticket +” and would as well provide ticketless check-in using NFC (Near Field Communications) such as retina scanning or fingerprinting.

The main problem is its name. There are already several iTravels: there’s an iTravel Rental Car company in Georgia, there’s an iTravel Alarm Clock and iTravel Neck Art, and a multitude of sites already out there such as iTravel2u and iTravelsmart among many others, and then there’s iTravel Travel, a Project of Travel.

iPod already has an iTravelBag. And inside the iTravelBag for the iPod you can place the iStickUm Notem to remind yourself where you lastum putum your iPoddom.

i41 welcome them iAll. In fact given the trends in the industry I expect we will soon see iAll+.

I was fascinated once listening to a woman from China explain how she uses a computer in Mandarin. There are 5000 basic characters in mandarin and obviously not 5000 keyboard keys. But by typing the English equivalent of the phonetic counterpart of the character, the character then appears. Meaning is achieved when enough characters emerge strung together.

So there is this labor (finger bashing) intensive midstep process of creating meaning through creation of the character phonetically. When I asked her if this isn’t a bit stressful, she raised her left index finger, touched the top of her ear with her right little finger, stuck her elbow out at me and looked slightly up.

i41 wood gate up mixed.

But anything that improves the direction of my travel is much appreciated.