How Much is One Worth?

How Much is One Worth?

A movie deal? A bale of cotton? One Lost Generation?
No trillion dollar wars got Osama. Somebody ratted. Some chink in his anti-$25 million fortress cracked and it wasn’t from a drone and sure wasn’t from water boarding. The African Awakening is the same. It’s ideas, Joe, not guns.

Adolf Eichmann killed a lot more people than Osama bin-Laden and Israel knew he fled to Argentina, which was not exactly a stable country in the 1950s. In about the same time it took us to find Osama, Israel found Eichmann, put him on trial and hanged him.

Neo-Nazi sentiment was running high in Argentina at the time. In fact, you could argue Senator Joseph McCarthy tried to import it to the U.S. In fact, neo-Nazi sentiments in pockets around the world from Russia to South Africa was not so dissimilar to the so-called “franchises” of Al-Qaeda that created shoe bombers and Times Square crazies.

How many wars did Israel fight to find him? None.

How much money did Israel use to bring him to justice? Probably not a trillion dollars.

How much did Israel’s education, cancer research, foreign policy initiatives, high speed rail suffer to find Eichmann? (They don’t have high speed rail, sorry.)

Radio Free Europe’s Robert Tait puts it right this way:
“The timing of Osama bin Laden’s passing [coincides] with the collapse … of hated autocratic Arab regimes in the face of popular demand.” Tait sees Osama’s discovery and death, and the African Awakening as a “confluence of events.”

Let’s go one step further. It isn’t coincidental, as confluences could be. It’s causal. It’s a reasonable outcome of the world changing in a really good way.

What ISI or Pakistani military thug decided to if not rat on the monster at least ratchet down some of his protection, because Darth Vader was having trouble paying protection?

What double-agent spilled the beans last September, because he really didn’t want to become a martyr, after all.

Martyrs? What’s that? How much do they get paid an hour?

Good lord, how much American energy and lost opportunities have been lost in my lifetime pursuing military and ideological black holes? Who really cares, today, that Vietnam is communistic? Call me, I’ve got a great deal on a Mekong Cruise.

Give it up, Senator Graham. The world will be a better place, and America might just be able to reemerge.