Ducky Judges Quack

Ducky Judges Quack

Not unconstitutional; rather inconsequential.
Here’s one for the books. Yesterday, a panel of 3 Kenyan judges said the proposed judicial system in the proposed new constitution is unconstitutional!

Wait, wait, don’t tell me. There isn’t a constitution , yet, because it’s being voted on August 4, so how can something that isn’t, not be?

This is incredibly embarrassing to Kenya, and it’s a patent retrogression to the old days of corruption and nepotism. If the new constitution passes, all judges lose their jobs and must be reappointed to the newly reconstructed judiciary.

These lameducks are trying to … what… how should I put it, be… eternalized?

The ruling is ridiculous but disturbing. The new proposed Kenyan constitution, which I consider brilliant, sets up an admittedly controversial judiciary that includes a second tier of civil courts for Muslims – restricted strictly to personal matters like marriage and only if all parties agree.

The judges called these “kadhi” courts unconstitutional.

Incredible. There is no constitution yet, so nothing yet can be unconstitutional.

Kenyan political leaders have called it for what it is, “inconsequential.”