Chaos in South Africa

Chaos in South Africa

The Devil’s rising.

There’s a reason Biden is throwing trillions at the masses. South African couldn’t. Now some of South Africa is in anarchy “ready to be saved” by the former president looking at it all through the bars of his jail cell.

“Malls, shops and businesses are alight and looted. Factories and warehouses have been stripped and are ablaze. Highways and arterial roads are blocked.”

It’s hard to ignore the suffering down there but I have to: A lesson for America is being formed this moment in South Africa. Don’t be blind-sided by our momentary good fortune as I have been:

“A week [after] Duduzane Zuma [South Africa’s Donald Trump Jr.] fanned the flames to ignite violence after the arrest of his father, the prisoner’s favourite son has now turned peacekeeper.”

Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Zuma, Trump and their ”favorite sons’ didn’t go to any college to study brutal autocracy. Without the social turmoil that plucked them from nondesciptness, they were were just another “everyman” as this South African described today:

“I am an everyman in this tragedy, one of millions of citizens trying to make it through the night without being overwhelmed by emotion as an unprecedented number of gunshots puncture the dark, as looters carry their wares past my home, screaming, shouting, laughing, drunk and drinking.“

Without a certain baseline of social support, societies torched by the epidemic will explode. South Africa was unlucky. The vaccine it bet on failed (Astra-Zenca), and the millions of doses of replacement it quickly bought in reaction (J&J) got contaminated in a Baltimore warehouse.

Coincidence that anarchy followed the former populist president walking into jail this weekend?

Good history dispenses with coincidence.

The bipartisan hard infrastructure bill trudging through Congress is the most rational approach to a society neglected for decades. But the multi-trillion “human infrastructure” contemplated in the Dems’ resolution bill meets an incendiary moment straight on.

Bad luck can befall anyone at any time.

“KwaZulu-Natal’s manufacturing sector has been obliterated. Its retail sector is dead. Hospitals are under protection, medicine cannot be sourced, pharmacies have had their shelves stripped, mothers are searching for formula via WhatsApp groups… Nothing is moving now besides the media, the desperate, the criminals, the opportunistic and the civilian patrols and vigilante groups trying to keep them at bay.”

As the country cracks, the old president sitting quietly in his prison sends out his ‘favourite son’ to rally the masses.

“I am about peace, I am about unity,” the young ‘telegenic’ son told reporters . On instagram: ““We are one massacre away from a complete breakdown.”

The country’s most widely read daily online newspaper declared, “The immediate danger now is of armed conflict between races, because their government is not capable of protecting its citizens from thugs who have hijacked a pro-Zuma bandwagon for their own nefarious intentions.”

It is chaos, today, in South Africa. It is chaos because Covid is out of control and the country has never achieved the level of development that it’s founding father, Nelson Mandela, assured them was just around the corner.

Politicians ought to know better. Biden and the Dems have said nothing about the American Dream, but they are trying desperately to feed that voracious monster with all the fodder it can consume. Support them. We don’t want to become a South Africa.