The troubled Indian Ocean combined with the troubled skies of air carriers is causing great pain among long-haul travelers, now.

Seabourn Cruises is the latest to suspend its cruising in the Indian Ocean. CEO Pam Conover said today the piracy issue was the main reason, and it probably is, but so is reduced demand. Recently Seabourn was extending a 50% discount for bookings on its Seabourn Legend. They had never offered such deep discounts before.

And according to a Brookings Researchers report issued yesterday, you better expect to be missing about one in five of your airline connections in the next year!

It’s a confusing report to many laymen, because it shows that on-time performance is improving. But the problem is that even though the airplane may be loaded and ready to go, or may even be in the air a minute or two early, more than 10% of all such aircraft are being delayed from landing by air traffic controllers.

As a result one in ten aircraft is arriving two hours or more later than scheduled!

So don’t plan a trip with too many connections, and if you do, give yourself way more than two hours to connect.