Baboon’s Thanksgiving

Baboon’s Thanksgiving

baboon driverBaboon Thanksgiving
Thank you, humans, for all your friendship. On this day of American Thanksgiving we are specially thankful for human Americans.

Thank you for your heart-felt concern for our well-being,
Thank you for your careful attention to our seeing
That you’re coming to observe us conquering the wild jungle.

Thank you for your massive support of our jungles,
Thank you for your attentive concern that our bundles
Of nuts and grains and white ants isn’t very tasty.

Thank you so much for your respect of our wild natures,
Of our need to be free of all your terrible human layers
Of politeness and courtesy and simple creature respects.

Thank you most of all for keeping your cars unlocked,
Your safari pop-tops opened so the smell of that box lunch
Can infuse all our jungle with the empathy of Thanksgiving.
And thank you especially for being so much smarter than us.
For taking care of us, and worrying about our security
And little babies and global warming.

Happy Thanksgiving, humans!