Air Charter

Air Charter


Q. What type of planes are there and how many passengers do they hold?

A. I presume you mean the planes used within East Africa. There is a huge variety of charter aircraft, but there are some trends.

Between Kenya and Tanzania, between Kenya’s small Wilson airport and Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro airport, and between Mombasa (in Kenya) and Tanzania, these are usually larger planes, like ATRs, which have up to four engines and hold up to 46 people.

These larger planes are also often used between Nairobi and the Maasai Mara.

But on all the other routes throughout East Africa, the size of the plane is never guaranteed until you actually arrive at the airport. The charter companies use planes to fit the number of bookings.

Probably the plane most used is the Cessna 208, commonly known as the Caravan. This is a single-engine, 12 or 13-passenger aircraft. But again, you just never know until you arrive for check-in!