5-Bell Alarm

5-Bell Alarm

The Serengeti development project received a pledge of $350 million, today, from an institution that doesn’t exist.

Tanzania’s Daily Star newspaper reported today that a “FINANCIAL institution headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland had pledged to [sic] realise 350 million US Dollars (about 500 bn/-) to finance the construction of an international airport in Serengeti District.”

The newspaper, citing Tanzanian government officials, said the name of the institution was , “Sustainable and Innovative Project Investment Office BV- Ltd) ( SIPIO).”

A simple google search revealed no such institution in Switzerland. A google search of the individual responsible at the so-called institution, according to The Star, Ben Verbeek, also has no google pull-up except for a single Facebook Page where he lists himself as a consultant.

This is the biggest scam in the history of Tanzania.

The Star also reported that the so-called nonexisting institution’s $350 million is 80% of the project cost, and that the additional 20% will come from….

You guessed it, Grumeti Reserves.