On Safari!

On Safari!

Jim&Cheetah.626.sheilabritz.serengeti.mar13Jim is headed back to Africa! For the next seven weeks you can follow his journeys here at africaanswerman.com. He’ll be traveling and working in Kenya and Tanzania.

[Several times in February]
Tanzania’s most important northern city, a growing metropolis dominated by the flower farm industry and tourism. One of the few cities with a really viable big game park only about an hour away!

[Several times in February]
More and more Jim is beginning many of his groups in the high foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Hardly a stone’s throw from Kenya’s Amboseli the game is pretty good and the scenery outstanding. On these safaris he’ll be staying at the Ndarakwai Ranch, which also vies as East Africa’s main warehouse for movie industry gear and prep.

[Several times in February and March]
Although this is not the prime season for Tarangire, even during its worst times it provides the best elephant experience found anywhere in Africa!

[Several times in March]
Jim has brought this overused but exceptional ecosystem back to reasonable use by spending most of his time in the remote southern end, where only a handful of the tourists usually go. This allows him to show his clients the unique diversity in plants and birds found in this small park without the hassle of crowds.

[Several times in March]
Africa’s most visited single game park never fails to live up to its reputation, but that often means crowds. Jim easily overcomes this simply by taking the time to stay on the east rim, which also allows his vehicles to be the first down at dawn.

[Almost two weeks in February and March]
This is Jim’s favorite place in the world, so expect many blogs from several different places in the park as he seeks out the Great Migration at the best time of the year to see it!

While wifi in East Africa improves daily, it’s not yet reached the finish line! Jim may be unable to file four times weekly as he is accustomed to doing, but he says he’ll try! Stay tuned!