Buddying Up

President Kenyatta’s legacy like his plane last night is heading in the wrong direction. The President of Kenya was headed last night to Los Angeles to learn the “American Way.” His teacher? The Joker with a makeover. But his plane had to turn back because of fighting in Yemen. As of this writing it’s not […]

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Boko Bust Not Enduring

Like all terrorist groups Boko Haram cannot be eradicated but it looks like they are being massively defeated, replicating what has happened to al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab. Reuters reported yesterday that “Nigerian forces invade last known stronghold of Boko Haram.. n an effort to finally defeat their six-year-old insurgency.” Once nearly a fifth of Nigeria was […]

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You’re Not Like Me

“These are dangerous times. Everyone in the city is scared. The sun is about to go down and we fear that there will be a lot more killing and looting tonight. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow.” The above was written last week by a Congolese in Durban, South Africa, following violent clashes between […]

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Snow Ball from Hell

My nine weeks in Africa convinces me the most pressing issue of our time is climate change. I’ve returned from a series of safaris with some of the most memorable moments of game viewing in my career. I met some incredibly wonderful new people and reacquainted myself with a number of dear clients. From South […]


OnSafari: Crater Peace

Hyaenas lurking near a braying, abandoned baby buffalo is simply a part of the absolute peace and beauty of the crater. The crater we saw today probably has around 16- or 17,000 animals, about 80% of its optimum at this time of the year, as it recovers nicely from the earlier drought. Such a compact […]

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OnSafari: Serengeti Super Storm!

We didn’t know what to do. The super storm had formed so quickly. Should we stay on the hill or hightail it back? It was our last of four days in the Serengeti and we had enjoyed some of the most spectacular game viewing in the world. But now, the storm threatened all the good […]

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OnSafari: Even More Migration!

Few times in forty years have I seen such a massive migration. I can honestly say that from my experience I think we have seen at least 1½ million animals. But that has to remain an estimate. We made no aerial survey, no individual counting. It’s my opinion, but one rendered from forty years of […]

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OnSafari: Bingo! The Great Migration

For more than a half day we were immersed in the Great Migration. For at least four of those hours we were driving, constantly surrounded by wilde, zebra and breath-taking scenery. We saw perhaps three-quarters million animals … or more. How do you count endless dots from horizon to horizon? And for that entire time, […]


OnSafari: Eles & Climate Change

Elephants up close but safely is what our Tarangire experience was all about! I was in Tarangire two weeks ago as the drought broke, and it seems like the rains ever since have been especially hard. I wouldn’t say “relentless,” but according to the folks there it was sure close to relentless. The 6-week drought […]

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OnSafari: Tarangire

Jim is currently ou9t of touch in Tarangire National Park with the Wede family. Come back to this site later to read his diary of their time in Tarangire.

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OnSafari: Kili Magic!

Easily more than 50,000 flamingoes graced our first game drive in Arusha National Park as we drove to Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Wede Family Safari began in this remarkable little park hardly an hour outside northern Tanzania’s busiest and largest city. The park surrounds Mt. Meru, Africa’s 5th highest mountain, which towers over Arusha. You won’t […]

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Terrorists Are Not Religious

The terrorist attack on a remote Kenyan university last Thursday that massacred more than 150 students is a terrible blow to what had been Kenya’s much improved security. About a quarter of the university population was killed or injured mostly by suicide bombers who overpowered four front gate guards, then ran into the dorms and […]

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OnSafari: The Great Migration!

Perseverance, great attitudes and not a little bit of luck brought us to the great migration in one of the most difficult years to find it I ever remember. According to Mark Weingarden we saw 283,465 wildebeest in a long narrow area that we traversed of about 20 sq. miles. Mark’s metric was to estimate […]

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OnSafari: A Day of Lions!

Twenty-four lions and 4 cheetah as we moved from the southwest of the Serengeti into its center. It was a fabulous day but the veld’s condition continues to disappoint. Despite the heavy rains that we’ve experienced the last several days, it’s so obvious there had been a long period of drought. There is a patina […]

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OnSafari: Rains Return!

The quest for the big herds of the great migration began as we left Olduvai Gorge and crossed off-road past Shifting Sands onto the Lemuta plains. It will not be easy this year. The veld is unusually dry, although just in the last few days heavy rains have been falling over the scorched veld. In […]

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