Between Black & White

White fear of black in America is profound but black fear of white in Africa is even more profound. Currently of Africa’s 53 countries, only one is being led by a white man, and that came as a great surprise to most in the world, and in fact, to him. Or did it? Guy Scott [...]

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Good Ebola Travel Policy

African travel companies are rethinking their ebola policy, putting their money where their mouth is, and offering unconditional refunds. Embracing science and the history of past ebola outbreaks, companies mostly so far in East Africa are advising customers that deposits will be refunded without penalty if WHO declares an outbreak in an area in which [...]


Don’t Vote

The depths to which some Americans have descended in an hysterical attempt to protect themselves against ebola has become immoral. The airport quarantines of health workers arriving from West Africa is dead wrong. It will impede the health services and trade, which West Africa must have to recover, and many more people will die. In [...]


Bad Ebola Cancellation Policy

Things are calmly down, slides in travel are reversing, and African tour companies are once again shooting themselves in the foot. In the last ten days a wave of African travel companies have issued new cancellation policies addressing a perceived fear by potential travelers of ebola, which does absolutely nothing except increase fears. As far [...]


Time’s Up, Pat!

It’s funny, but it’s not. Yet is this a turning point? White, racist, evangelical attitudes especially towards Africans might really be changing. For decades, now, we enlightened ones have snickered at the bad jokes and patently racist attitudes of The Right almost to exhaustion. When allies relented and began inviting “opposing viewpoints” onto pubic forums, [...]

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Ebola’s Surprising Effect

This ebola epidemic has a surprising effect: Americans are wondering if Africans have it better. Most Americans’ live styles are much better than their counterparts in Africa, but what about the change from year to year? Americans believe they aren’t getting better. Africans by a wide margin believe they are. Both are right. It’s only [...]

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Zuma in Wonderland

What do the U.S. Army Chief of Staff, a governor and numerous Congressmen have in common with Jacob Zuma, the President of South Africa? Like Zuma, they deny simple facts of science, in this case about ebola. Like Zuma, they should be sacked. Rand Paul and Georgia Governor Zeal along with a host of other [...]


Perry’s Practicalities

When tiny incidents like a few ebola cases in Dallas are properly scrutinized by the obsessed media, their exaggeration grows unbelievably large. The media is obsessed, because the public is obsessed. Every unnecessary harm should enrage us: including the 10,332 American deaths caused by drunk driving in 2012 (that’s 28+ per day, more than 1 [...]

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When Night is Day

Anecdotal evidence that global warming has caused a decline in African animals is slowly but surely being confirmed by field science. No one argues that Africa abate its growth, and it comes as no surprise that this growth is directly linked to global warming. Industry is mostly fired by fossil fuels: CO2 heats the atmosphere [...]

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Delta Destruction

The battle between fossil fuel mining and the environment has moved into Botswana’s main tourist attraction, the Okavango Delta. The photo above of a painted frog was taken by EWT client, Melissa Michel, this year. The background of a mining waste dump is compliments of Rio Tinto. Tourism in the Okavango Delta is the second [...]

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Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day in the United States, a federal holiday. “Columbus Day” for my African readers has always perplexed them. After all, we know that Columbus didn’t land in America, but in the West Indies. So it absolutely strikes non-Americans as a fickle holiday in a country that’s known to not have many. This [...]

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Tired World Invites Strongmen

Kenya’s battle with the World Court is the perfect example of how global institutions are losing relevancy in an increasingly conservative world. Around the world and especially in Africa societies are becoming conservative and authoritarian. Oligarchies are consolidating power. Minorities are growing submissive. Particularly in Africa this means the Strongman reemerges. Uhuru Kenyatta is such. [...]

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Quarantine Texas

The behavior of Americans is contributing to the spread of ebola in war-torn Africa. We’ve got to change. Inbound airport screening is useless. Reactionary raising of funds “for ebola victims” in schools or churches is abject nonsense. One of the world’s best virologists said today, “I know that President Obama has raised the whole issue [...]


Water Wars

It was inevitable. Africa is coming to blows over water. It’s no joke that it could mean war. Nine African countries depend upon The Nile. All of them are water deprived and all of them except Egypt are subject to devastating droughts. Only Egypt – which rarely experiences rain at any time – has matured [...]

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The Curse of Apathy

In an incredibly sycophantic move, South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma has denied the Dalai Lama a visa to attend a convention of living Nobel peace prize laureates in Cape Town. The convention was supposed to begin a week from today, but Late last week the laureates announced they were suspending the October 13 get-together and [...]

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