Rhino Roundabout

The age-old economic debate whether a government can adequately control demand by regulating its market has moved onto the survival of the rhino. Last week a regional appeals court (The Pretoria High Court) voided a South African government ban on selling and trading rhino products within South Africa. The decision does not effect South Africa’s […]

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Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. (Canada celebrates it earlier.) Thanksgiving is one of Canada and the U.S.’ major holiday celebrations, characterized by copious amounts of food featuring seasonal recipes and lots of sweets. The traditional meat served at the feast is turkey. The two-day holiday originates with the first permanent settlers to the […]

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Allegorical Apocalypse

Language is society’s most powerful tool, and it’s under siege in South Africa. The University of Stellenbosch, the country’s “Afrikaans University,” founded in 1866, the bastion of Boer Culture will no longer employ Afrikaans as a predominant instructional language. Advantage: English. The issue of instructional language in South Africa’s universities has been under constant debate […]

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Rhino Requiem? Not yet

Science is not a Fox News forte, and they shouldn’t have tried to report this weekend’s death of Nola, the rhino in San Diego. “The subspecies has been decimated by poachers… The horns are in high demand in parts of Asia where some people claim they have medicinal properties for treating everything from hangovers to […]


Ridiculous, Simply

Two notable attacks this morning, one on the Radisson Blu hotel in Mali and a powerful Nigerian air force offensive against Boko Haram, clarify what terrorism means to many Americans when overlaid Paris. Up to a dozen masked gunmen driving cars with diplomatic license plates stormed Bamako’s principal expatriate hotel this morning, forced their way […]

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Africans Speak About Paris

Consider seriously Africans’ reactions to the Paris attacks. There’s no shortage of empathy in Africa for the victims, nor any support for the barbarism of ISIS. But there’s an understanding of the situation that most Americans lack. Many more thousands of Africans in Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, Kenya and elsewhere have been barbarously slaughtered by radical […]


Please Stand Up

Sane Americans need to speak up. Obama has tried to quell our embarrassment by admitting how shameful many of our leaders are acting, but he needs our support. Calling we Americans out for “knee-jerk right wing reactions” South Africa’s Daily Maverick pointed out for the upteenth time that virtually all the terrorists we know of […]

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Yourself & Terror

“Aren’t you afraid of going to Africa, now?” a friend asked me during the intermission of a play this weekend. “No more afraid than you must be staying home,” I replied, angry as usual with the question. Terrorism has been a part of the troubled world for all of history and “No, Bernie; No, Hillary; […]


Help Lions

It’s time to ban hunting lion in the wild. You can help. Lion populations are declining drastically. My post several weeks ago provides some explanation, but I was aghast to discover that lion trophy hunting is increasing and especially from America. Trophy hunting of lion is only one of the causes for the decline, but […]


Kenya Backs into The Future

Just as Kenya was doing everything right it arrests a journalist for uncovering corruption, while the Kenyan army that Obama built to route Somali terrorists turns out to be in cahoots with the terrorist leaders! When will Kenyans stop being on the take? The government’s interior minister oversaw the arrest Tuesday of a prominent Kenyan […]

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Pitiful Profits

Zanzibar and Burundi, today, are both tinder boxes rooted in ethnicity ready to explode. It’s time to stop pretending that both Christianity and Islam, Hutu and Tutsi, or Arab and African are mostly “good.” It’s time to denounce religious ideology and ethnicity as mostly “bad.” Recent studies about religion reenforce this. “Religion doesn’t work,” a […]

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Not Surprising

Tourists have been slaughtered in Egypt for a long time. It’s crazy the way the media paints Metrojet as something new. In fact as tourist numbers increased in Egypt in the last 30 years so did terrorist killings: The period of greatest growth in Egyptian tourism, 2006-2008, also saw the largest number of tourists killed […]

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Rise of The Ignorant

Government politics clashed explosively today with education in Kenya as a court struck down a teachers’ pay raise that had ended a devastating national strike. Kenya better take a lesson from the U.S.: compromise education and you’ll empower the ignorant. Soon Donald Trump will be running for President of Kenya. Teachers in Kenya are employees […]

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Guns & Climate

More guns make more war and less guns make less war and the truth is shown clearly today in Kenya’s Samburu district. Since the incredible arming of Kenya by the Obama administration for the Somali Invasion four years ago, the number of weapons in northern Kenya has increased by a ridiculous amount. It’s particularly noticeable […]

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Here for a Refund

South Africa’s student protests just won’t stop. They’re sweeping across the country and are getting serious. Is this the sixties for South Africa? “Our parents were sold dreams in 1994,” a student leader told the Economist. “We’re here for a refund.” A third of all South Africans are between 10 and 24 years old, born […]

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